Balearic Mancunia, munch and Francunianniversary…

Last week’s pre weekend weather foresaw the return of the mighty sun, a last glimpse of summer, the (early) Indian summer! I like any bonus time of sun/warm weather! Being a sun junky, an anti Vampire , I expose myself (always protected though) to any ray of light available!

The sun was the perfect excuse to mount my faithful Francunian vehicle and explore Manchester morning happenings before heading off to student central Fallowfield.

So I started off with a walk through Chinatown,  soaking up the lively atmosphere and the smells of freshly baked buns. I then headed off to Manchester Art Gallery to satisfy my curiosity about the Goya exhibition – Fantasies, Follies and Disasters: The Prints of Francisco de Goya. It was much smaller than I anticipated (in gallery 11) and left me hungry for more… I did enjoy the dark humor of the etchings – only emphasised by the darkness of the prints themselves. Worth a look.

My path lead me then to Piccadilly Gardens and the Real Food Market. A delightful ballad for the senses! Everything is stimulating: the colours, the smells, the products and the sounds of the market sellers. I felt like Proust in the Madeleine episode;  involuntarily reminiscing about my childhood when my summer job consisted of selling peaches and melons on markets with my dad in the South of France! That was life! Hummmmm, but to go back to Manchester,  I cannot recommend enough the Real Food Market! The lovely, moist and colourful cup cakes from I love cake, fresh fish, meat, pasties, burgers, fruits, veg… What you’d expect from a food market really!




After a spot of shopping, I departed from the city center to Fallowfield on the claimed busiest bus route in Europe… I cycled up and down this route while living in Fallowfield (7 years) and I can tell you, it is a frightening experience. It feels like an extreme sport – extreme biking! However, the journey was accident proof and the sun made it an enjoyable ride!

My final destination was Trof for a dance and bbq afternoon! The dancey bit was a success but the bbq didn’t happen due to health and safety reason. To be honest it was great the way it was and there was more room for the dancing queens and kings! The music, courtesy of some of Manchester’s popular and emerging nights like ZutekhNaive Melody (I love the website), Disco Outcast, and a few others made the day a success. It was Balearic Manchester from Trof’s roof terrace! Pure enjoyement!



Next few dates:

  • Zutekh                     1st bday 08/10/09 @ Saki Bar  
  • Naive melody       25/9/09 @ Charlies
  • Disco Outcast        26/9/09 @ The Purple Pussycat Lounge

The Saturday evening was spent elegantly (rmmmrmmm…) in Grill on the Alleyfor a 30th birthday celebration. I imagined the food being rushed due to the size of our party but I have to say, I was luckily proved wrong! We all had great pieces of meat (for most of us anyway) including Kobe beef and ostrich steak (for me)!  I really enjoyed and got to try a few of my friends’ dishes too! The only disappointment were the size of the sides… A fist sized dish with literally 4 pieces of brocolli or 3 spoons of mash – cost £ 2.99… A bit of a  joke really… Oh well, when in Rome! I would really go back just to try the Kobe beef – the day I can justify a £50 main – soon, soon!

As for Sunday, well I forgot my own anniversary! The excitement of spending Sunday nurturing a mini hangover in the sun got the best of my memory…

The Francunianniversary! Yes, 13/9/2009 is my 8th year anniversary in Manchester! I cannot believe it really. So much has happened that I wouldn’t know where to start so I won’t! 🙂 I just enjoy being here even more now I can share my non sense! Vive Manchester!

To celebrate French randomness, I found those on the net and thought they were worth a look!

I’d like to start with something I find astonishing! Serge Brunier and Frédéric Tapissier have created a 360-degree panorama of the Milky Way by patching together 1200 photos they took of the night sky in Chile. Beautiful!

Something practical and FREE: A printable  Iphone/Ipod paper dock! Thick paper required though!

Then, something wacky. This French jeweler  creates piece based on photos of buildings… You could literally send him your home and you would get something like this! Not sure I would wear it myself but interesting concept… in a weird way!