Nouvelles News de Manchester

So yes, a mini update on the happenings of the mighty city!

MIF 2009 seemed to have been a success which means more to come! A great news for Manchester as the city of firsts  and exciting internationally acclaimed events!

This is with a tinge of disappointment that I heard about the relocation of  The National Football Museum from Preston to Urbis… Urbis is the only venue I visit regularly that’s because they put on exciting and fun exhibition. Football?? I understand the commercial appeal. It’s an interesting formula. Wider audience reach+pop culture x  new tourist destination = greater revenue. But come on, ‘it’s all about the money’ win again… Manchester needs more arty spaces of decent sizes and appealing exhibitions and Urbis is one of them . I’m not the only one thinking thisFootball 1 – Art 0 … But now, we are losing a great space to football…  Manchester Urbis said on his twitter yesterday Its not as bleak as you’re taking it! Honestly….  I hope so!

Still on the Urbis subject, I am looking forward to the return of the  Buy Art Fair taking place at the end of the month – 24-27/9. A very good place for affordable, no-fuss art buying opportunities. Free entry on registration or £5 on the door.  Get on it!

I am planning a visit to Manchester Art Gallery for the Goya exhibition! Goya has a special place in my heart as my painting teacher (we go back a couple of decades now… dear) was a big fan and transfered her love for the master painter to her students including me! Watch this space!

I am curious about Imperial War Museum North exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall! It starts tomorrow and is on till March 2010! So hopefully I will fit this in soon!

Manchester Cathedral is hosting a multi media exhibition to commemorate the anniversary of Ann Frank’s and her infamous diary.

This vivid multimedia exhibition draws visitors into the world of Anne Frank. Through audio-visual presentations, you will discover the concerns Anne expressed in her celebrated diary, and their relevance to teenagers’ lives in 21st-century Britain.

Also the Whitworth Art Gallery is hosting a British Museum touring exhibition on The American Scene! From 19/9!

Mucho, mucho going on and that’s just a taster!