Today is a special day!

The date is 070809

And at 12:34 and 56s today, the series of number formed will be perfect. The magic
The crystal ball agrees!
It’s a special day!

What are the odds?

Manchester and the Crystal Ball

The one and only travel size crystal ball

The one and only travel size crystal ball

It was one of those days – totally normal and uneventful. I was making my way back to work after my uneventful lunch break and as always, I was walking past the usual Coop supermarket’s window.

Everything seemed normal on the Coop service offer display. Except it wasn’t!

Amongst the regular leaflets about banking, travel insurance, funeral care service and other financial services offered, someone had sneaked between the window and the display a cheeky customer service card with a special ad!

The card was reading: ‘FOR SALE’ Crystal ball, tarot set £10, 6 wigs+ hairpieces, hair books £10, George Foreman double grill £20, care ladies clothes, shoes, coats and bags £10!
What an offer!

I mentioned the crystal and tarot set as a potential birthday present for my director but it was straight away dismissed as inappropriate… I didn’t personally understand why but what do I know about what is appropriate or not for a fully grown up business woman anyway?

I thought about it and it did entertain my mind the whole weekend – a crystal ball set! Who could possibly place such a peculiar ad in such a common place as Coop!
Who these days own a crystal ball anyway?

Well, I am proud to say that I do now!
Yes, I am the proud owner of a travel size crystal ball and a ‘Crystal Ball Gazing – The Complete Guide to Choosing and Reading your Crystal Ball’ book! ☺

I will soon be able to master a few useful skills such as: understanding vibration and subtle energy, being in harmony with crystal balls, programming and charging my sphere, have the mind’s eye, to name but a few! Useful stuff really!
The practical applications are great and include stepping out of emotional whirlwind, finding people and objects, hearing true messages, sending and receiving messages (better than mobiles???), and open doorways to other worlds! The possibilities are endless!
Being in possession of such a powerful power is a responsibility that I shall embrace!

I am protected by the power of the ball – the crystal ball. Amen!