Corridor Bar Bday’s Parteeey

Well it was so 2010 but as we say, better later than never.

Check them out!

Sneak a peak here.

New books

Oooh I love it when Amazon beats its delivery date. One day ahead of schedule makes one customer very happy. Here they are:

One about wine:


One about photography:


One about making pretty things!


Hazard in MCR


"All the demos I've ever been on II" - Alex Bradley in Peace Garden

On Saturday 17 July, Manchester was filled with random outbreak of fun, preformances, dance, and other happenings.

All spread around the city centre, we decided to venture around a few events and check it out!

Hazard is Manchester’s micro-festival of incidental intervention and sited performance, packed full of chance encounters, random occurrences and risky ventures around and about the city centre.

Here is a very small representationof what was available.

For more info, check the Hazard website although the first video is not brilliant, there’s a better one on this where you can actually get an idea of what the flash mob consisted of!


"The March of 100 Dorothys" - Eggs Collective


"Special delivery" Natalie Preece


"The break up" Out of Hand Theatre

"Crossing Marke St" Jon, gaz n Andy

We also collected smile from the Arndale to the Northern Quarter and the Piccadilly Gardens for the flash mob!

And this is something from the flash mob.

A very fun day!

Manchester Day Parade – Out of this world

A fabulous day for the first Manchester Day Parade a few Sundays ago.

  • Created by Manchester People
  • Commissioned by Manchester City Council
  • Produced by Walk the Plank

According to officials data, 75,000 spectators watched the 36 fantastic floats!

On Sunday 20 June 2010, the very first Manchester Day Parade burst onto the city streets and set the city alight with a dazzling display of colour, sound and dance.

For the downloadable Manchester Day Parade 2010 programme, please click here.

The parade, produced by Walk the Plank, weaved its way through the city centre. Spectators witnessed a display of vibrant costumes, fantastic street dance and amazing wheeled structures designed by the local community to celebrate Manchester’s Out of this world creativity.

It was such a success, it’s becoming a fixture in Manchester’s events Calendar! Hot from the MEN Twitter feed! Check this out: Sweeeet

I finally spare a few minutes to add this pictures!

I hope you like them!

1) The Spirit of Manchester

Inspired by Rolls Royce Mascot “the Spirit of Ecstasy”, represents Manchester’s original, bold character. (brochure)

1) The Woooorld

5) The Peacock & her flowering garden

7) The Phoenix

9) Remarkable Mancunian Float

12) Wheeled wonders

The man who kindly let me in front to snap away said: “I bet they wished they bought new rather than second hand”. One of those sweet and funny  “you had to be there moment”!

The weather man

13) Wythenshawe's Open Spaces

15) The Mobile Allotment

18) Heavenly Hordes

Greeks Gods and Goddesses

Mighty Dragon

Followed by a mighty tiger - Rrroar

On stilts



La Park Life

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Plattfields Park, Ear to the Ground (D Percussion) got commisioned to create a fantastic event! It was Park Life!

Just thought I’d share some pics from a very fun day in Platfields Park!

Simian Mobile Disco

The Garden

The suitcase monster

Silent disco

Chill out Garden

The whole day was great – sunshine, nice people, good acts, brilliant set up!

Got lost and ended up in the Drum&Bass tent where Ronny Size was playing his magic

There was something for everyone – pretty much.

A bit of Friendly Fires

Vitalic in the Electro tent!

Other than the usual queuing annoying bit to go in and for the toilet, it was really well organised and presented! Hope to see it happening again!

Korean tastiness anyone?

Named after a volcanic mountain between China and Korea, Baekdu restaurant is a great alternative to the usual suspects of South East Asian food.

Flavoursome and sometime spicy deliciousness. Fresh and tasty is what you can expect from this place.

There’s some lovely photos on this.

So this is a very simple fact, this little place on Shudehill opposite the Crown Plaza is simply lovely.

Good grub, decently priced and served with a smile. Fan!


Lovely plum wine


More plum wine


Mixed dinner with dumplins and 4 different dishes - Yummm

The menu


All meat for our carnies but there are lovely veggie options

Hungry Mancunian

From gorgeous wine to syphon coffee via live music.

48h in sunny Manchester!


Beautiful post work drink from Hanging Ditch wine shop

Arndale market is fantastic for food. Enjoyed some delicious traditional food from Braziiiiiil!

Probably buzzing with Samba and fantastic carnival like atmosphere during the world cup! Watch this space! I will!

Try the beautiful Kibe (if I got the spelling right)

A spot of culture at the wonderful Manchester Art Gallery, winner of Tourism Experience of the Year 2010 for Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism at Manchester Tourism Awards!

The current exhibition is off fantastic photographer Dorothy Bohm. A beautiful and accessible collection of 60 years of travel and experiences.


This way!

After this, a visit to Manchester Hungry Pigeon Festival’s free gig outside Piccadilly Garden.


From M&S - Perfect festival sweets


"The City of First" some might say!


Jesus in the Northern Quarter?


Coffee from Grindsmith!

A wonderful weekend in Manchester.

Another one should I even add!

Green on the edge of the city

Looking for a little breath of fresh air and something easily accessible?

Styal village is a great place to start.

Through the International Society (now with a brand new website) I ended up joining a lovely group of international students, a doctor from the nearby hospital and his wife, on a lovely post work walk around Styal Village, Quarry Bank Mill; a National Trust property.

Beautiful and so peaceful.

You wouldn’t believe it knowing the forest is backing onto Manchester International Airport!

Here are some shots.

Cityco Open City

Week before last I took part in a Cityco event:  Manchester Open Photography Day.

A few groups lead by local professional photographers were dotted around Manchester.

My group, lead by Aidan O’Rourke was concentrated on Oxford Road, around Whitworth St West,  Rochdale Canal, Cambridge St and Great Marlborough tunnel.

It was a glorious, sunny day in Manchester.

Here are a few shots from that day!

The Palace Hotel - Oxford Rd

Corner House Extension - Whitworth St W

Corner House - Oxford Rd

Great Malborough St

Aidan O'Rourke (middle) - Our pro for the day

Cambridge St

Mancunian street art anyone?

Last week was the launch of FutureEverything. Sadly I was away the whole weekend and missed most events but I managed to go to the launch of the art instalation @ the Hive and got this little photo.

The exhibition is on until the 23rd of May so get down there n check it out.


FutureEverything Art work @ the Hive


Space invaders - One of many


Banksy or no Banksy? That is the question.


MEN at work

Before - Church St Market

After the work - Manchester Church St Market

After the work - New Church St Market

Walking around Manchester and facing random street art all around.

Common has ever changing interior deco – currently An apple a day by Dr Me is on. I personally like the cheeky approach mixing medical tools to common, everyday life. It’s on until the 2nd September.

Another little exhibition to check out!

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