How to make a frog leap?

    The task: Provide entertainment and fun for all while showing what a great city Manchester is!

    Visitor #1 Experienced visitor

    Visitor #2 UK virgin!

    Mission 1: Friday night.

    Upon arrival, straight in the swing of things; i.e. bars around my neighbourhood.

    Weapon of choice?

    • Hula Tikki for its relaxed, themed bar. I like the aquarium and the blowfish lights. Also the flamed cocktails always entertain. Flames!
    • Centro.  It’s achilled out place with some gorgeous lampshades I really want! (Birthday ‘s in a few months guys, you might want to start saving!)
    • Socio Rehab – I just really like the place.  Always something new to try. Not cheap unfortunately but you get what you pay for: Great drinks. Good music. Always good fun.
    • Hunters for a traditional post drinks snack – Kebab of course. Opposite Bluu Bar and Dough, it consistently delivers great food – not just drunk food. The boys felt the sense of belongings and entertainment as drunk punters were flocking in. Although it was still early doors to see the real circus (1am).

    I could not resist this one too. Sorry.

    Mission 2: Saturday

    An all day-er here. Keep focus and keep delivering.

    Weapons of choice:

    • Koffee pot – Amazing Ful English brekkie. Perfect for hungry French boys eager to experience England at its finest.
    • Quick walk through the Printworks to show them the outside/in concept
    • Le clou du spectable; Old Trafford for a Man U – Bolton. Game. Both rugby fans, boy oh boy did they love it? Yep. My bro even bought the jersey top the day after! Bless!
    • Cornerhouse for bit of a coffee/cup cake break. Haven’t been there for a while for drinks and they have great coffees, decent beers and fantastic cupcakes. I didn’t try anything else but all the cakes looked good I have to say. Proud to say I introduced 2 boys to cupcakes.
    • Rusholmes for a shisha
    • Bank for a drink. Ok place. I have been 3 times I think in my 10 years in Manchester. Chainy/puby type but I was really surprised to find a decent pinot noir (which is also available in Lounge 10 but for £13 more! Ouch Lounge 10!)
    • Chinatown’s Red Chilli. Probably one of the best if not the best Chinese in town. Consistently offering great Beijing and Sichuan dishes. Never had a bad meal there. Truly great place and it was my cousin’s first Chinese meal believe it or not! What a start!
    • Corridor to end the night in style! I love Corridor but due to my Northernquarterism (acute laziness to go elsewhere for drinks) I haven’t been for a long while. Since my last visit I spotted so many new cocktails I will have to go back to investigate! We sampled a fair few between the 4 of us and all spot on.

    Mission 3: Sunday

    Same as Saturday. A full day of food and drinks!

    • Katsouris for a fantastic brunch. I really like the place and the food is just fantastic and really decently priced. Good grub. Highly recommend the hot sandwiches (all good) and the amazing mezze platter. All freshly prepared and super tasty!
    • Manchester Art Gallery. My cousin expressed is lack of interest of paintings and I had something up my sleeve! I took them to see Anish Kappor “Flashback” exhibition. Second time for me. I really love the bold colour of the pigments. The shapes. The effects. I simply find it very beautiful.
    • Shopping. We spent the rest of the day shopping in the numerous shops around the city center.
    • Sunday roast. I made my first complete roast. It was nerve wrecking with my crap oven but it came out great! I was really chuffed. Event made a giant cupcake (which I failed at sadly).

    An overview?

    Mission completed and accomplished.

    The boys looked like they had a fantastic time. I know I did!

    V. x

No Future Club presented The Correspondents

Back in the days where tweed was in, flat caps and moustache and…

Hang on! Fast forward 2010 and the “hipsters” are out and about flocking Manchester.

You can find them strolling around the boho Northern Quarter; voted the Best Neighbourhood in the UK guys but don’t take my resident’s word for it. They’ve said it back in the days:



Man Con

Creative tourist

Place North West

How do

Manchester gov

So “November 2010 news” I realise but at the time I was on blogostrike so there you are, better later than never, n’est-ce pas?

Right, “let’s go back to our sheep” as we say in French, i.e. let’s get back to our topic in regular English!

No Future Club was presenting The Correspondents at The Ruby Lounge who I saw twice at Glasters in June. They are quirky and intriguing and also extremely upbeat which is always great for a good night out.

The gig was great. Despite a bit of a delay (it was snowing like mad that night), the band got cracking after some random acts of topless escapism and comedy. All good fun.

Tunes and mighty mix of various genres – a bit of electro swing/hip hip hip hoppey/jumble.

A really great venue, filled with great peeps having a fab time. Some lovely efforts with 50′s style hair and fashion. Fabulous!

Let’s bring back the 50′s I say!


Corridor Bar Bday’s Parteeey

Well it was so 2010 but as we say, better later than never.

Check them out!

Sneak a peak here.

Moving to the sound of Jazz

Since Friday 23rd and until Sunday 31st of July Manchester is moving to the sound of Jazz!

Great sound to move to I have to say.

The beauty of the festival is all the free events taking place around the city! No excuses not to try at least one!

Split between St Ann Sq, Albert Sq (Festival Pavilion) and venues around Manchester such as RNCMMatt & Phred’sMidland HotelBand on the Wall; there is gotta be something for everyone and every pocket!

Radio 3 even broadcasted live from Band on the Wall last night, featuring Arun Gosh Quintet, Stuart McCallum solo and Simcock/Walker/Swallow/Nussbaum which was perfect for me as I was crafting at home!

You can check the full line up here.

Here are a few pics too of the acts I have seen while on my lunch break! Yes, jazzy lunch is awesome!


Extra Curricular from Huddersfield

Mobile special effexxxt…


Cool Ceol Quartet - Festival Pavilion

Nouvelles News de Manchester

So yes, a mini update on the happenings of the mighty city!

MIF 2009 seemed to have been a success which means more to come! A great news for Manchester as the city of firsts  and exciting internationally acclaimed events!

This is with a tinge of disappointment that I heard about the relocation of  The National Football Museum from Preston to Urbis… Urbis is the only venue I visit regularly that’s because they put on exciting and fun exhibition. Football?? I understand the commercial appeal. It’s an interesting formula. Wider audience reach+pop culture x  new tourist destination = greater revenue. But come on, ‘it’s all about the money’ win again… Manchester needs more arty spaces of decent sizes and appealing exhibitions and Urbis is one of them . I’m not the only one thinking thisFootball 1 – Art 0 … But now, we are losing a great space to football…  Manchester Urbis said on his twitter yesterday Its not as bleak as you’re taking it! Honestly….  I hope so!

Still on the Urbis subject, I am looking forward to the return of the  Buy Art Fair taking place at the end of the month – 24-27/9. A very good place for affordable, no-fuss art buying opportunities. Free entry on registration or £5 on the door.  Get on it!

I am planning a visit to Manchester Art Gallery for the Goya exhibition! Goya has a special place in my heart as my painting teacher (we go back a couple of decades now… dear) was a big fan and transfered her love for the master painter to her students including me! Watch this space!

I am curious about Imperial War Museum North exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall! It starts tomorrow and is on till March 2010! So hopefully I will fit this in soon!

Manchester Cathedral is hosting a multi media exhibition to commemorate the anniversary of Ann Frank’s and her infamous diary.

This vivid multimedia exhibition draws visitors into the world of Anne Frank. Through audio-visual presentations, you will discover the concerns Anne expressed in her celebrated diary, and their relevance to teenagers’ lives in 21st-century Britain.

Also the Whitworth Art Gallery is hosting a British Museum touring exhibition on The American Scene! From 19/9!

Mucho, mucho going on and that’s just a taster!

The blogs, the bands and the pretties

My oh My…

How long is this going to take me?

I feel lost in a deep forest of websites, blogs, links, tweets, Facebook, Googlemail, Hotmail, e-mail…

So much information is available and so little time to read and find out about it… So what’s next? Well I love Google reader! I’ve only used it for just over a week but already I can see the (surely time consuming) most efficient way to scan through the mass of the web by getting pre selected and therefore targeted updates to blogs, websites and the rest… I am a fan already! I now follow various ones including ones related to Mancunia, culture, fashion , architecture and design, plain pretty, geeky (I love geeky dad!), crafty blogs and some news as well. Knowledge is power!

So much to discover but so little time…

Talking of which, I am really excited about the reopening of Bands on the Wall and I have already booked  a couple of nights  – to start with!  Starting with the Bays on the 27/9 and followed by the Berlin based collective  Jazzanova on the 6/10! A night to reminisce about life in Berlin back a few years now… I cannot wait!

Automn is kick starting and so are the student nights and the awakening of Manchester’s party scene! Roll on gigs and parties. Warehouse Project 09 starting soon with a very eclectic line up, from Laroux to DJ Sneak! Cherry picking might prove difficult…

Gigs, gigs, gigs… Next on my list is Maximo Park at the Apollo on the 8/10 and the frenchies Phoenix playing the Academy2 on the 27/10 ! I do like a bit of variety in my entertaiment selection!

As for the pretties, I was going to mention briefly the colourful Pride Parade that took place 2 weeks ago (yes, it took me a while). A mix of corporate, nights, political and randomnes walking Manchester. Enjoyed to very friendly atmosphere and laughed at the antipride demonstrator being ridiculed!

I am adding a new string to my bow by joining the Rags to Bitches dress making course in October! I cannot wait for this either! I sold my first piece at Val’s Home Market last wednesday as well, which gave me the confidence to invest more time in this hobby of mine!  More Home Market to follow so watch this space Mancunian Ladies!

Creation, fashion, music and more!

A bientot cher Readers!

The Francunian


16th Birthday, Mancunian characters and Barbados…

August = Summer?

Well not always if you live in Manchester…

The summer of all summer they said… Sun, heat wave, coconut trees and a beach they added!

From what I’ve seen so far of this is: rain, umbrellas, bit of sand in ‘The Beach Club’ and more rain. Not that it matters much really when so much fun can be had indoors. Time to rediscover Manchester bars, restaurant and clubs! 

This weekend was Tangled‘s 16th birthday in Sankeys – ‘The Longest running night in Manchester’ and I can tell you, it runs and the usual friendly faces where all present to the roll call! Unusual music selection, far from the old Twaance tunes and driving old classics but a more eclectic musical night with some up and coming Mancunian dj – Bodidily warming up the venue! headlining were Paolo Modjo and Lee Burridge, the residents were also there: Terry Pointon, Mr Steve Thorpe (who runs successful Carry On) and Rascal  – only mister Morse couldn’t make it! 

Last week, I revisited the excellent Northern Quarter Restaurant for a great lunch menu – highly recommended – and followed on with some afternoon drinks in the once trendy Dry Bar. Not so trendy any more, a tad bleak and void of charm in any shape or form but a  good location for people watching and meeting highly entertaining characters ! 

Staying local and on a random note, I’ve experienced Ancoats locals in all its splendor while paying a visit to my local Urban Village Medical center only this afternoon! Leaving the centre I was asked by a homeless looking lady if I knew where I was… She asked me: ‘ Hyer luve… Where do you think you are? In Barbados?’ - referring to my ‘semi floral’ dress… I wished I was to be honest in Barbados and I nurtured the idea all afternoon while looking at the sky getting darker by the minute…

I am thinking of sea, sun and white sandy beaches! Destination by default The Beach Club…

What a dream…

A bon entendeur, salut