Intro to V(al’s) FestiVal – A rough guide


It seems that it was named after me/for me – take your pick!

 So yes I have finally camped at a festival! I passed my festival license and also have caught the festival/camping fever…

I catch myself internet window shopping for gazebos, folding tables, portable sink, folding bbq, inflatable sofas and the rest… I am going to end up with the equivalent of a camping shop in my flat soon. I’m starting to have a pretty decent collection already!

So, festival, camping, travel, what to pack, is the sun going to be out,  wellies or flip flops, ponchos or sunscreen … So many questions that crossed my mind before D- Day.


The answer is: Planning and preparation!


Try to work out what you REALLY need in advancehow long is a piece of string – and check that the whole thing doesn’t weigh more than you body weight! It is easy to get carried away and end up with the kitchen sink (well a more user friendly version use the portable one! ahhhhh!).  


What I found very useful (in no particular order)


  • Tent (Useful to have a awning or some kind of covered area in case of rain)
  • Sleeping bag (did forget ours though dohhhh so had to buy a duvet there! Silly me)
  • Folding chairs
  • Stove + gas + BBQ
  • Headlamps
  • A trolley or some kinda wheeley thing to help you carry things accross the field
  • Canned food, drinks (soft + booze – all in plastic bottles – wine boxes are brilliant), snacks…
  • Wet wipes
  • Ponchos
  • Antibacterial gel/spray
  • Toilet roll
  • Air bed
  • Pump (nozzle can be used at water point as a shower!)
  • Camera

Know how to get there (self drive, coach, train) and where to catch your ride!


Once there, well, it’s pretty straight forward, follow the instructions!


Come the fun; finding a good spot and setting camp.


We got quite lucky with our little spot – drinking water taps 10m away, less that 5min from the arena entrance and toilets! Very important! Good to arrive early to have the best selection! We had a little tent, easy to pitch but some festival goers come with fabric houses and need massive room! My next step in my camping initiation!


Once set up – the fun begins: bbq, cocktail drinking, music, cheers across the camp site… and sunshine!


Luckily the weather was great and we both came back with a tan, no need for ponchos or umbrellas.


Being my first festival, I cannot really compare to others but knowing where things are and having some meeting points and ‘landmarks’ help making the most of what’s on offer.


Concerning the acts, we managed to see quite a lot of bands thanks to the good size of the site. Easy to get around and not packed enough that you cannot move. Lots of things to do other than listening to bands – good bars and food stands, fun fair, shops, Randoms sweets stand with silent disco and space hoper fun, games, legal highs, dance, movies, to name but a few. Everything is very chilled with a good atmosphere.


Fave moment was the Randoms mini arena! Few glasses of rose and off to the silent disco for a dance on a Space Hoper, joggling with foam shapes and eating loads of sweets in the sun! Sweeeet! Loved it!


Great intro to festiVaaaaaals! More more more!