New York, bikes and Mancunians

This is with great pleasure that I stumble across this positive article on the NY Times about bikes being (in) fashion!

As a fervent cyclist myself, I am delighted that bikes get the recognition they deserve by the fashionista of NY and probably now the rest of the world, who hopefully will realise that cycling has been THE efficient and environmentally friendly method of transport for a whiiiiiile in many cities – not just new trendy fashion accessories.  Sometimes one wonders… Still the more cyclists the less motorists!

Apparently the 11 most bicycle friendly cities are:

  1. Amsterdam – Netherland The bike capital of the world! Nothing less!
  2. Portland, Oregon – USA
  3. Copenhagen – Denmark
  4. Boulder, Colorado – USA
  5. Davis, California – USA
  6. Sandnes – Norway
  7. Trondheim – Norway
  8. San Francisco, California, USA
  9. Berlin – Germany
  10. Barcelona – Spain
  11. Basel – Switzerland

No full on sporting clothing gear obligatory! I use mine as a way of transport between A and B not a racing tool! Everything goes – high heels, pumps, trainers, boots, flip flops, dresses, skirts – I am a woman with no footwear or clothes discrimination when it comes to getting on my bike!

“An elegant lady or man, on a bike that is elegant, that’s really the new art of living.” Mr Dutreil!

I do like this art of living!

Manchester is also turning to cycling and I do see the increase as a good thing for the city – less traffic (especially on Oxford Rd with more and more students cycling to uni!), less polution and fitter Mancunians!

Get on your bike, there are some great places to get started.

I like the Fallowfield Cycle trail that goes from tatata… Fallowfield to Chorlton! Perfect for little escapades to the Barbakan deli (yummmm), a few drinks or nibbles in one of Chorlton’s numerous establishments or a shop at the organic store The Unicorn!

The Cycle Manchester website offers useful tips, maps and info!

The cycling Manchester website has routes too – not the prettiest of websites to look at but does the job of informing.

I personally like Love your bike because I do love mine, and I bike mcr but also because they are very active in promoting cycling in the city! Cycle Fridays and the monthly evening ride – Critical Mass – the last Friday of every month  @ 6pm from Central Library (next one 25/9).  Girls have their own ride too! Ride like a grrrl every second Wednesdays of the month @ 6.30 from Big Hands! There’s even a Mini Festival starting Monday 5th October! A lot more to be found on the websites!

A little special mention to Ridelow! I live right next to the shop and they have wonderful stuff in there! I had the chance to be shown round the warehouse and the ‘backstage area’ – where the magic happens – during  a random visit and they are all a friendly bunch of passionate people! I like!

A lot more is happening here than meets the eye! Manchester might be starting a revolution so let’s whatch this space!

P.S. A special thank you to my fave bike shop in Manchester GBH Bikes,  R. Stevenson-Legget and Mike Thomas for designing, branding and customising my bikey for my – turning a self sanded vintage French Bike into a Francunian delight! Mwaaaah xxx

64 cities/20 countries

The beginning of the expansion plan!

Traffic sources

Traffic sources

Top 5: Manchester, London, Surrey,Montpellier, Sale. Some come as far as Brazil, Thailand and Australia!

Thank you for the interest everyone! Keep spreading the word.

16th Birthday, Mancunian characters and Barbados…

August = Summer?

Well not always if you live in Manchester…

The summer of all summer they said… Sun, heat wave, coconut trees and a beach they added!

From what I’ve seen so far of this is: rain, umbrellas, bit of sand in ‘The Beach Club’ and more rain. Not that it matters much really when so much fun can be had indoors. Time to rediscover Manchester bars, restaurant and clubs! 

This weekend was Tangled‘s 16th birthday in Sankeys – ‘The Longest running night in Manchester’ and I can tell you, it runs and the usual friendly faces where all present to the roll call! Unusual music selection, far from the old Twaance tunes and driving old classics but a more eclectic musical night with some up and coming Mancunian dj – Bodidily warming up the venue! headlining were Paolo Modjo and Lee Burridge, the residents were also there: Terry Pointon, Mr Steve Thorpe (who runs successful Carry On) and Rascal  – only mister Morse couldn’t make it! 

Last week, I revisited the excellent Northern Quarter Restaurant for a great lunch menu – highly recommended – and followed on with some afternoon drinks in the once trendy Dry Bar. Not so trendy any more, a tad bleak and void of charm in any shape or form but a  good location for people watching and meeting highly entertaining characters ! 

Staying local and on a random note, I’ve experienced Ancoats locals in all its splendor while paying a visit to my local Urban Village Medical center only this afternoon! Leaving the centre I was asked by a homeless looking lady if I knew where I was… She asked me: ‘ Hyer luve… Where do you think you are? In Barbados?’ – referring to my ‘semi floral’ dress… I wished I was to be honest in Barbados and I nurtured the idea all afternoon while looking at the sky getting darker by the minute…

I am thinking of sea, sun and white sandy beaches! Destination by default The Beach Club…

What a dream…

A bon entendeur, salut

The Francunian vehicle

Here it is!

Designed, branded and customised by R. Stevenson-Legget, Mike Thomas, and GBH Bikes manchester!

The new and improved vehicle!

The new and improved vehicle!





Next, T-shirts, mugs, badges, bob hats, and more merchandising! 🙂

The logo!

The logo!