The art of meditation – How I reached enlightement or…


6 weeks of meditation and a few months later.

I completed succesfully my course and took some time off to think about it.

What have I  learned from our teachers?

1) How to sit properly

But never really did as it wasn’t agreeing with my back so I kept moving hence creating self disturbance. Not great but I could definitely see an improvement by the end of the 6 weeks. I was fidgeting slightly less.

2) How to use breathing to concentrate

The “Mindfulness of Breathing” helped me the most. It is the only method that helped me controlling my thoughts. The last 2 weeks have been very challenging for me and this exercise has really helped me dealing with stress in a better way that I would normally have. I still sruggled with some aspects but overall I have managed to go back to calm quicker.

3) How to apply Metta Bhavana

This took me a good three weeks to really get the grasp of it but on the last attempt at meditating I reached the meditative state expected. I really concentrated on each stage and the relevant person that goes with it. The difficult one being the hardest of course but it really helped gaining a calmer and more rational approach to people we don’t like.

4) How to think about emotional states

“We create them and we can change them” (see week 5)

I am aware of the power we have over our own thoughts and how our attitude can change dramatically how we perceive things although it is always much easier to say it than to actually do it.

According to our teaching, our emotional states arise in the following manner:

“Contact – Feeling – Craving and aversion – Grasping and becoming”

Since the end of the course a few months back now I have actually integrated some of the learning into my everyday life and I have found it to be extremely useful. I recently read the interesting scientific study about the luck factor by Dr Wiseman who recommended meditation technique as one of the four principles – Boosting intuition. I would agree meditation allows a calmer state of mind and would help making better decision.

Living in stressful environment, meditation offered a oasis of complete calm a few hours once a week – a real luxury these days. I would recommend it to anyone.

Check the Buddhist center in the northern quarter, the staff is great too and could guide you to a suitable course for you!!


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