Is Manchester really turning green?

It seems to appear Manchester is turning green. Not with envy but with environment.

Last weekend was Envirolution (also on Facebook) at Platt fields park in Fallowfield. I popped up to check it out.

It was a very lovely little gathering of econscious peeps, getting the bikes going (bike fashion show, demos, raffle to win one), fresh home grown/made food, games, clothes swap, all in a very friendly environment.

The sound system was powered by bikes. I even had a little go at it. Not bad. Could see this working for British homes; powering tv while losing weight. WIN-WIN.

Following this, I joined my local Northern Quarter Greening group on a gardening Sunday. They meet up every week to look after all the plants and lovely flowers you see around you in the area. How nice?

It was my first time with them and what a relaxing experience. Deweeding the planters and exchanging some tips on how to look after plants (tendency to overkill personally).

All this is very well but it seems to be so small comparing to the majority of shameful literers the city put up with. I wish people took more pride in their city and stop throwing rubbish on the streets. Enough said.

A bon entendeur. Salut.

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