Gig in total darkness? Thank you Amadou and Mariam

Back from dark times. (No pun intended)

Well funnily enough I am going back to it as soon as Amadou & Mariam arrive in Manchester this summer for the incredible gig they are planning for Manchester International Festival: Eclipse but this time to experience something beautiful and inspiring.

Malian superstars Amadou & Mariam return to Manchester International Festival with their band for five totally unique performances: their first concerts staged in the dark. Eclipse will tell the story of Amadou & Mariam’s life and work together since meeting in the Orchestra of the Institute for the Blind in Bamako. The evening will be enhanced by aromas specially created for the performance, shifts in temperature, ambient sounds recorded in Bamako and a narration specially written by Malian storyteller Hamadoun Tandina.

“If you cannot see, your sense of sound becomes richer. You appreciate the qualities of sound. That’s one reason I wanted to have a series of concerts in the darkness. I wanted the audiences to try to hear the music just as Mariam and I hear it.”

Amadou Bagayoko

It is going to be incredible. An unforgetable experience let me tell you that.

I cannot wait for it.

Also, for anyone interested, Route exhibiting at the Manchester Book Market today and until Sunday 19th (Manchester Day Parade and Father’s day. Wow so much going on) on St Ann sq are selling Amadou & Mariam story. Ask Ian or Isabelle for more detail, they are really lovely and have fab sweets.

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