London Marathon D-2

Guys, I case you still don’t know about this, I am running London Marathon this Sunday.

Scared is one word that could describe me. Anxious and excited are two more.

I am a giant ball of contradictory emotions but I know deep down excitement is IT!

Off to London tonight and not to return until victorious of my personal best time (thanks Dawn for your motivational words and all of you out there).

I have been cutting down on a lot of things I love – wine, G&T, friends, dancing in clubs, latenights and being carefree really to make sure Sunday will run smoothly.

Let’s hope so! Training has been hard going and in all truth I could have done more if my stupid dark place hadn’t taken so much room in my life these last few months. Winter in Manchester: rain, cold, wet, bleurghh…

Fighting darkness and keeping motivated as a result was and still is hard but I WLL DO IT and past the final line so proud!!

I have not followed any guides as I felt really depressed by how behind I was so I followed by body instead.

I did pretty well at long distance without the help of a training plan. Off course I will probable feel it on the day but I have determination and courage on my side.

Until then, please help me and the Christie.

Thank you to all my amazing supporters who have already helped me reaching my targets but I now want to get even mor for the amazing Christie charity so please dig deep and support the charity and me here

I shall post some photos of the days to illustrate my effort.

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  1. Raul - Cusco Said,

    April 15, 2011 @ 6:25 pm

    I will be on the Inca trail and exactly on dead women’s pass so I will ask the mountaing goods to help you on this competitons

    Raul – The Tremendous Hiker

    PS: you make in shorter time than you imagen I will make you another tour in peru for free
    for sure

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