Learning the art of Meditation – Metta Bhavana anyone?

What is Metta Bhavana?

Until that day I had no idea what that was if I’m honest. This is how beginner I am in learning about the art of meditation.

To quote our study guide:

” Metta – translates (approximately) as ‘unconditional friendship’ or ‘loving kindness’. Bhavana – translates as ‘cultivation’ or ‘development’
We can therefore say that the metta bhavana is the cultivation of loving kindness – OR developing ourselves through unconditional friendship. It is concerned with cultivating emotional positivity and recognising that qualities like warmth, kindness and empathy are part of our natural makeup.”

In practical terms, it is about using kindness and loving feelings towards friends and people in general.

I am not feeling very kind these days so it was difficult for me to get this one but this is the perfect time to try harder!

The practice has 5 stages, in which we cultivate metta:

1. Ourselves

2. A good friend

3. A „neutral‟ person

4. Someone we find difficult

5. All of the above in equal measure, then finally all beings

I don’t think I could explain it in much more details very well as I didn’t manage to get it but feel free to check out Week 4 of our course work for the guidelines.

Practice makes perfect!

How about this? Wha do you think about this?

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