So cool Manchester gets a polar bear

Today as I was doing a little lunch jog, I thought I ought to check out Piccadilly Gardens as the anticipation had built since last night when the beast arrived.

A life size polar bar was to be carved out of  10-tonne bloc of ice. Brrrrr

BBC has a lovely video of the event!

No disappointment.

The crowd was there. Along with sunshine and good old Queen V overlooking the scene.

Men at work, carving.

Mark Coreth, the artist, and his team took a good 6 hours to complete the work. They are raising awareness of the effect of climate change through the not-for-profit arts organisation; the Ice Bear Project.

The event is linking with the launch of Manchester Museum’s Living World exhibition.

This, I thought, was a really lovely effort from Cityco, Manchester Museum and the artist’s organisation.

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