Learning the art of meditation – Part 2

Second take on the art of meditation.

This time I arrived early to the class, doubled up mats and cushions, ready to take on the challenge to mind control and posture perfection. I was even hoping I would reach a peaceful state of mind and levitate today.

Sadly it did not happen. What went wrong?

Nothing really, just too much baggage apparently.

We got our energy flowing doing some kind of Tai Chi movements. It was a bit tedious as it felt they lasted for ages.

Once the energy got flowing, we got on our mats and cushions and got down to business.

Last week we learned two techniques for meditation: “Body scan” (a lot more  info out there) and “In The Present Moment“.

I found the latter quite difficult to get into and the same happened this week.

I struggled to just give my mind a rest based on the idea of present moment. My mind was racing. The complete opposite of what is intended. Not a great start.

After a quick catch up and reminder of last week’s objectives, we learn about the paradox of meditation (see week 2).

How can meditation be used as an agent to change? To get from stressed to calm? To get from anxious to relaxed? To get from A to B?

The secret of the paradox is not about getting from A to B but to learn to be more in the present situation and be aware.

After a well deserved tea break we get back to the mediation room and learn about The Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation.

Breathing used as help to control the mind.

It worked for me and helped me a lot as I managed to concentrate the whole time for the first time since starting the course. I might have found a way to empty or at least control the flow of my thoughts. Numbers! Who would have thought that?

This has given me great satisfaction and I felt I achieved something this week.

Looking forward to week 3!


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