After weeks of “silence radio” I thought I ought to get back on the bloggosphere.

I just thought it’d be nice to link it to today’s Saint (French calendar) and to my surprise today is Sainte Léa – name of my late Great Grandma (she passed away age 101 a few years back – RIP Mamée). Strange.

So far, 2010 has turned for me a year of “doing” and “catching up”.

Travels, encounter, tasks, ideas… All the things I’ve been going on about for ages are somehow  happening, taking place or developing towards a positive outcome –  naturally, almost organically. Very strange.

I keep thinking time is escaping faster and faster – it seems to happen to many people around me too.

What is it then? Is the speed of communication-led era we’re leaving in correlated to the speed of time? Will time slow down if we were to take a slower pace? Will things slow down is calendars and diaries weren’t so busy?

I wonder… Food for thought.

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