Once upon a time in the Moors

Location: Derbyshire – Glossop –  Top of the Snake Pass

 Time: 13.35

Beginning of the adventure imminent.

Dropped off at the top of the hill, we then started the descent!


The path was pleasant, not too difficult yet wet and windy but we were all pretty well prepared – including nice spiced Naval Rum!




The first sign (no pun intended) of civilisation!

The first sign (no pun intended) of civilisation!

Howard Town Brewery  was a really lovely treat after 2h downhill in the wet and windy Glossopdale Moors! A local micro brewery at the end of our walk . Only small but perfectly balanced!  The owners explained all about brewing but I was miles away and didn’t quiet took as much in a I should have! I can still check the process on the net! Fear not!

There was 4 beers on the taps althought the websites give 5 seemingly different ones (websites last update seems to be 2007).

From memory, there was the light Longendale, the citrussy award winnning Wren’s Nets, the slightly heavier Snake Peak and a dark one I cannot remember the name off.

All highly enjoyable, even for a non beer drinker like me! Indeed, Ale in Peak condition!

 The visit was then followed by a well deserved pub dinner in the lovely Wheatsheaf! Nothing really spectacular about it. Pretty basic place but lovely, genuine and simple food which is what we all needed! Meat from Mettricks – Famous butcher based in Glossop, Pies with beers from the Howard Brewery, … Nice local products! And I love locally sourced products!

The party celebrated and ended going back to Manchester merrily,  celebrating the festive season!!

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